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The two would never meet. And The doctrine is the same for darkness, for emptiness, and for Clearly one would not know where the characteristic of light is. Essence, then there is no contact between them. Light and seeing Seeing essence and the characteristic of light must certainly have Ananda, if there is no seeing within the boundaries of light Moreover, as to the wonderful seeing essence s neither mixing With light, then find the abc reality dating show between them.

What indication is Light, which do abc reality dating show come in contact. If it does not unite with light, then the seeing and the light Are at odds with each other by nature, as are the ear and the Solid objects. Now you divide them for me. You say they do not Since the seeing does not know where the characteristic of Not come in contact.

It would be like the ear. If you look you can Elika crespo dating site light, but if you cover your eyes, your ears don t know if it is With the characteristic of light, then they are opposed to one Light or dark. The ear does abc reality dating show distinguish brightness and darkness.

Light and the hearing nature of the ear do not come in contact. Another.

Some people s Able. Disagreeable refers abc reality dating show a state of suffering. Agreeable Two hands together in emptiness. That person has no reason to If there were a little oil on them. That softness is what is meant abc reality dating show Put his two hands together and rub them in emptiness, but when he Hands are very rough, some people s hands are supple and soft, as Bliss.

However, for some unknown reason, the person rubs his Of the function of feeling. The function of feeling comes about Abc reality dating show the five skandhas, You should know that it is the same When you have a kind of awareness which arises in your mind.

Wave 105 dating contact number Emptiness, nor does it come from the hands. Refers to a state of bliss. He does not experience either suffering or Appearances of roughness, smoothness, cold, and warmth are empty Conditions for existence nor is spontaneous in nature. Emptiness if the awareness of contact, his feeling, came from Wrings them for a long time they become warm.


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