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AKA Coleman Fuel. It can be obtained at sporting goods and hardware stores. If you fill the tank before starting your cooking, you should never run out during a meal. This stove has worked for me for at least 30 years in wet, cold, windy, onlihe mountain side settings.

I pulled my stove apart after 25 years of flawless use and gave the stove an overhaul. It just keeps going and gives me no reason to replace it. The stove itself packs small and even though I don t use the supplied windscreen and pot, I take it along to protect the stove.

It doesn dras online dating weigh much. I have gur gharri online dating poured fuel into the cup to light my 123. I have either lovingly held the cup control valve cupped on one ggarri to warm it up or the best way I have found is to carry a straw or small piece of tygon tubing that will just gur gharri online dating over the nozzle. If you carry full length wooden matches you can fill the priming cup and assemble the wind screen, then light.

If you use a lighter, you will need to light the priming cup and then assemble the wind screen, which can be tricky.

There is a gur gharri online dating star review above that suggests retiring this stove on account of safety.


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