Murero, the most representative wine of our winery, extends the aging periods to fourteen month and its philosophy pursues absolute balance both between fruity and wood notes and in weight and elegance. One of the added values of this wine is its complexity, as this expression in its fullest meaning, dominates all of its manifestations.

Vinae Mureri manifests predilection for the land, careful attention to the grapevines, meticulous wine-making and results in accordance with modern demands and trends..

Muret Azul

Intense cherry-red colour, with distinct violet tones; quite dark in colour. On the nose it shows a youthful freshness, nuanced by a medium aging period in cask; the prominence of the garnache variety increases in all its phases, thanks to its distinct and fine fruity character (blackberry and peach).

In the mouth it again shows freshness, lively in the mouth, with nerve and balance.

Muret Oro

Single-variety, 100% garnache, coming from 50 and 60-year-old vines. It is cultivated on the slate-and-clay hillsides at an elevation ranging from 850 to 1,050 metres with north-south orientation..

It finds its balance and harmony in the bottle over a period of one year before going on the market. The correct temperature on serving will be 14º C. In the nose, there are pronounced fruity aromas characteristic of garnache. It is a balanced wine with great mineral character in the mouth and great freshness..


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