The Vinae Mureri vineyard is situated along 43 hectares, it consists of old Garnacha vines of an average of more than fifty years old, and some vines are even more than a century old.

Two are the prevailing features that define our vineyard: on the one hand the steep slopes on which they are situated and, on the other hand the slate soil.

On the hill sides between 830 and 1,050 meters high, the orientation and the nutrients are enough to keep the Garnachas up to excellent perfomance, with a tremendous content output (aproximately 1 Kg, per vine). The slatey soil perfectly fulfils the temperature control, the aeration and water retention tasks so the wine may carry out the photosynthetic process in the way we intended it to.

Our reasoning looms, in regards to these two constant features, over what the Garnacha is and may turn into, in this area: The great quality of our grapes..

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